Niall Horan not leaving One Direction

Contrary to the earlier rumours, Directioners have a good news after it was confirmed that Niall Horan is not leaving One Direction. The rumours came out on December 28, 2014. But here is the report about what actually happened. Two of the giants Yahoo Celeb UK and Sugarscape posted Tweets revealing that Niall had left One Direction already.

niall horan

Not many are aware how Niall was fond of the group and that it is hard to believe in such rumours. Niall wished the boys Merry Christmas on Twitter. Moreover, the singer had also sent individual monograms to everyone in the group to show how much he loved being there and how much he cared for everyone.

But then it was found that Sugarscape and Yahoo! were hacked by someone who liked to spread unnecessary rumours and hardships on others. On the other hand Billboard has given a confirmation that Niall does not have any plans to leave the band. Horan is a member of the band along with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

Niall in 2010 had auditioned at the age of sixteen years for the seventh series of the X Factor UK in Dublin after which he grew and never looked back.

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