For those who were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the latest music video of ‘Stupid H*e’ on BET, might be disappointed. The network has reportedly refused to air the music video.

The representative of BET did not specify on the reason the video is banned but simply said that they will not be broadcasting it. Some of the sources from the production unit of the network say that the video was too explicit for the TV audience.

It has been reported that the songs of the lyrics are bad enough. The phrase ‘Stupid h*e’ has been repeated dozens of times and even the video is too raunchy.

Many naked female figures have been shown in the video. Moreover the video also mentions that Minaj will be appearing live at the Super Bowl. Apart from Nicki Minaj, singer Madonna is also expected to be performing at the iconic sporting event. It is still not clear if Minja will be performing on ‘Stupid H*e’ or she would opt for a more sedate track for the event. Daily Mail has on February 1, 2012 reported that Minaj is also one of the potential judges on the panel of X Factor US after the exit of Paula Abdul.

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