Nicki Minaj Breaks Records With Highest Billboard Hot 100s

Twerk kween Nicki Minaj is celebrating. On Monday, she was crowned as becoming the first female artist to have the maximum number of singles on the Billboard Hot 100s. The Starships singer managed to defeat legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin for this milestone. And in response to this accomplishment, she took to Instagram to thank all and sundry.

In the post, she said, “I tell ya… God said he ain’t done showing off yet. Walked off stage to find out history was made yet again today… To my fans: I fkn love u guys more than I’ll ever be able to put into words. Thank u so much for your unwavering love & support.”



Here’s the catch though, that many people are pointing out. Not all of the tracks that the Anaconda singer got into the Hot 100 chart list are hers alone. Most of them are about her being featured in other artists’ singles. Her collaborations include featuring with pop artists like Ariana Grande, Jessie J and David Guetta, among others.

As of 2017, her Billboard Hot 100s can be credited to her beef with veteran rapper Remy Ma, who took her down and exposed her in her 7 minute diss track, Shether.  It took Minaj nearly a week to respond, and she brought her posse along, fellow Young Money artists Drake and Lil Wayne. The song No Frauds featuring Drake and Lil Wayne reached #14, while Regret Your Tears peaked at #61 and Changed It featuring Lil Wayne was at #71.

But it looks like Nicki Minaj is having the last laugh, taking her antics straight to the bank. And now, she has beaten a woman who was her polar opposite, Aretha Franklin. Seriously, what is this world coming to?!

Nicki also posted a video on Instagram with her twerking, and captioned it, “When u find out u just became the only woman in the history of Billboard to have 76 Hot 100 billboard entries.”



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