Rapper and singer Nicki Minaj on Friday had lit up the stage with bright colors, of the Central Park in New York for the Good Morning America’s Summer concert series. Minaj appeared bubblegum pink colored outfit, resembling like a Barbie doll.


The singer had sported a blonde wig and had also used a turkey leg as a prop, while she had quickly grabbed a bite of it. The rapper was also seen wearing a pink plastic looking skirt, leopard print boot and news print leggings.

The singer rapper her best and seemed energetic while she jumped up and down the stage and was surrounded with dancers. The singer is known for her super expressions and the fun she has while she performs on stage.

Minaj had opened up further in an interview segment, when he had thanked all her fans for pushing her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ to the platinum status in the year since it was released. The singer said that she has never imagined herself playing at the Central Park with a bunch of beautiful people. During the segment the singer also called her tourmate Britney Spears, a queen and also expressed that she would also like to work with the stars like Lauryn Hill and Madonna.

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