Lynrd: American singer and rapper, Nicki Minaj in a bizarre act during her recent show in Dallas at the I Am Still Tour II, had treated two soldiers with a lap dance on the stage. The singer expressed her support and gratitude towards the soldiers by moving down the lap of the two army men.


Minaj was a part of the tour, where she had featured with Lil Wayne. A video of the lap dance was posted on YouTube, in which Nicky is seen wearing an outrageous colorful dress with a tight corset, with a pink beehive on her head.

Minaj in the video is seen teasing the men in their uniforms and gave them a sensuous lap dance on the stage. May be next time the singer will be seen following the same routine in her upcoming shows, where some lucky guy will be treated with a lap dance or something more exciting.

The New York singer is currently preparing for her tour with singer Britney Spears. Who knows the fans might get to see something exciting on the stage apart from the divas. Rapper Minaj had released her debut album Pink Friday in November 2010. The first official single of the album was released in August 2010.'
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