Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Have Called It Quits – Social Media Reacts

His anaconda don’t…his anaconda don’t want none

This is actually a good thing. For the better part of two years, rapper Meek Mill and first lady of rap, Nicki Minaj have been in what looked like a rock-solid relationship. And when she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Ellen she even spoke about something that fans could presume was an engagement ring, though she said she’s looking forward to another one. So yes, even marriage was on their minds.

But, without being salty like a typical ex, Minaj was very upfront with fans and the world, when she tweeted through the official Twitter page, saying that she and Meek were done and that there were better things to look forward to this year, especially her true love – music. The tweet read: “To confirm, yes, I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u *bow emoji*”

This lady don’t mince words! Don’t mess with Nicki, y’all!

Her ex, Meek Mill, is yet to directly respond or post his own backup to Nicki’s tweet. However, being the chandelier aficionado that he is, he did post another chandelier image on Instagram with the caption: “2017 new start!” So, yeah, maybe that’s him confirming the split in an extremely casual way. Guys like to mourn their breakups in private, you know?

Just four weeks ago, Minaj had posted an intimate photo of her and Meek making out and things looked completely perfect between the two. Maybe they ate something too sour over the holidays. Anyway, maybe it really is completely over between the two. And now we, like them, can move on in the new year…

…And wait for something super exciting like new Nicki Minaj music. Already her song with Ariana Grande, Side To Side is blowing up. The track made regular appearances on the charts last year and will be making regular appearances during awards season this year. We can’t wait to see what new successes 2017 is going to bring to the Minaj empire. You do you, Nicki! And your Barbz got you all the way.

And this is how Twitter reacted to the tweet by Ms. Nicki –



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