Nicki Minaj pays college tuition for dozens of fans through Twitter competition

Ever in your wildest dreams did you think that a rapper would help you get through college, debt-free, thanks to their generosity? That happened with a dozen lucky fans who were given financial aide by Nicki Minaj. What started out as a fun random tweet-a-thon between Minaj and her fans, turned into something more serious. And the internet is shook.

Nicki Minaj originally wanted to fly fans down from anywhere in the world to attend the Billboard Music Awards 2017 with her. During the conversation, a fan piped in and asked in jest if the Starships singer was willing to pay the tuition. Minaj immediately replied that she would, and encouraged other fans to take this one golden opportunity to let her pay for their higher education. She had one clause though: they had to be straight A students. Of course, she did make leeway for a couple of fans, who may not make the grade, but were just as hardworking and determined to get an education.

She very casually asked them to DM their bank details, and immediately had the funds transferred to their accounts. No joke. Some fans have confirmed that they have already received the amount to their bank. Nicki was tired of chatting away, so before putting down her phone for the night, she said she was going to be back to give more students aide and pay off their student loans in a month or so.

Like Nicki Minaj, even other socially aware stars have given a lot back to their fans. Fellow rapper Chance The Rapper donated $1 million of his own money to help schools in his district. Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend, paid for a fan to complete beauty school. And there’s so much more where that came from. A number of celebs definitely pull out the bucks and pay for people in need behind closed doors.

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