Lynrd: Rapper and singer Nicky Minaj’s most awaited Super Brass is already released. However, it is not the full version but small preview of the video. Even the release of the video which was scheduled to be released tomorrow has been delayed.


The small preview of the song has been released online and those who cannot wait to catch a glimpse of the video can have a look at the preview. Minaj appears in pink straight hair and short shorts along with some group of girls who are dressed in similar outfits.

The rapper has claimed that the full video of the track will be even more attractive than the preview. Last night the singer tweeted that the video would not be released tomorrow. However, no further details were provided by the singer.

Super Brass is a collaboration between Minaj and Rihanna, which is expected to release in the month of May. The track Super Brass is directed by Sanaa Hamri, who had also taken the responsibility of the video of Fly. Minaj had also announced this month that after the video releases, she would conduct a contest in which the best fan made video of the song would be rewarded. Minaj had released her first album in the year 2010 named Pink Friday.'
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