American singer Nicki Minaj on November 22 announced that she is all set to release her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The singer in her Tweets assured that the album would be out on the Valentines Day 2012.

Recently, the singer even thanked her followers for celebrating the one year success of her album Pink Friday. At the American Music Awards the singer announced that she would make the much awaited announcement only on the anniversary of the hit album.

A chat session was planned by the rapper through Ustream, where she clarified that the new album is not known as ‘Roman Reloaded’ but is known as ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’. However, the singer did not give any clue if the album would be a reissue of the earlier album or would be a brand new album.

With reference to the Cash Money Boss Birdman talk of a release in early 2012, it seems as if it would be a brand new album for the fans. It was also mentioned that the rapper would also release a single before the end of 2011. Roman Zolanski would be the one who would be appearing in Minaj’s album. On the other hand the rapper in an interview said that she wasn’t interested in any collaborations for the album.'
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