Lynrd: American singer, rapper and song writer Nicki Minaj revealed her new track ‘Top of The World’ recently. The track is apparently written by Minaj even when the singer had made it big in the music industry.

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‘Top of the World’ is a part of her album ‘Pink Friday’. Like many other songs of the album, Minaj has sung as well as rapped for the track. The strange part about the track is that in the song, Minaj sings about her success, which makes it hard to believe that it was recorded before she had made it big.

The track starts with Minaj singing, ‘I remember standing in the mirror. Searching for a winner but I didn’t see it in her. Now I have gone from a zero to a super hero. Chasing dreams got me all over the world. Now I am sitting on top of the world. We winning. We winning. Cause we sitting on top of the world.’

In the track, Minaj has not only talked about her fame, but has also talked about those who make it big but do not return to the ground. Minaj is currently busy with Britney Spears on her Femme Fatal tour this week.'
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