Nicolar Jaar to unveil new album Pomegranates – Tracklist

American Chilean musician Nicolas Jaar released his first album in 2011 ‘Space Is Only Noise’ and has now released his new solo album ‘Pomegranates’. The singer has also released the sound track of the second standalone album and tweeted about the recent progress.


Jaar has described that he is inspired by the Sergei Parajanov directed movie and has been accompanied in 20 tracks of the album with the artwork. The singer’s tracks will be available on vinyl through his Other People imprint from June 29, 2015.
Jaar revealed that the movie gave him the structure that he needed to follow the themes to stick on. It also helped the singer to give the music some clarity that was mostly made through chaos. The singer said, “I wanted to do some screenings but the guy who owns the rights to the film only wants the original version of the movie out there.”
Here is the entire track list
01. “Garden of Eden”
02. “Construction”
03. “Pass the Time”
04. “Survival”
05. “The Fool and His Harem”
06. “Nothingness”
07. “Near Death”
08. “Beasts of This Earth”
09. “Fall Into Time”
10. “Folie à deux”
11. “Screams at the Edge of Dawn”
12. “Divorce”
13. “Three Windows”
14. “Tourists”
15. “Shame”
16. “Tower of Sin”
17. “Club Kapital”
18. “Volver”
19. “Spirit”
20. “Muse”

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