American singer, song writer and dancer Nicole Scherzinger on December 15, 2011 came out of her role of the judge of the reality show ‘X Factor’ and performed on her song ‘Pretty’ from her album ‘Killer Love’ which has been released in Europe but is delayed in the US.

The singer revealed the song for the first time to the world. Nicole looked as usual ravishing dressed all in black with liquid leggings, fingerless gloves and a high pony tail. The performance was as expected impressive and peppy.

She certainly managed to rock the audience on the show as well as the contestants on the day of elimination. For the whole season, Scherzinger played her role as a judge and mentored the over 30s field on the show.

Nicole has been known as the most emotional judge on the show. But the most hilarious moment of the show was when Simon Cowell moved to the vacant chair of Nicole and commented on her performance in her flowery language and metaphors. The language used by Cowell was very similar to that of Nicole when she commented on the other contestants on the show. In the year 2010, Nicole was also the winner of the reality show ‘Dancing With The Stars’.'
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