American singer and song writer Nicole Scherzinger previewed the single ‘Try With Me’ from her debut album ‘Killer Love’ on November 14, 2011. The repackaged version of the album has been released in the UK and the revamped version of the album would be out in the US on 6th December.

The fans of the singer would be happy to know that the new album by Nicole has many other tracks that include 50 cent remix of ‘Right There’, her latest single ‘Try With Me’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and ‘Trust Me I Lie’. The song ‘Trust Me I Lie’ has been written by hit maker Diane Warren.

The song is a slow ballad that has given a chance to the singer to showcase her powerful vocals. The words of the song go like ‘Trust me I lie, when I say in don’t need you, when I say in will be alright.

On the other hand, the song ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ is also equally strong. The words of the song might look like have been inspired by the James Bond series, but is a bright song with bouncy tempo and has a chorus that would force the listeners to sing along with the snappy drums. There are high expectations with the songs of the album.'
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