Anette Olzon of the band Nightwish is pregnant and has been cool enough to let her fans know about it via Twitter. Anette tweeted via her official blog:

“I have held a little secret for you all for some time now, but today I feel I want to share it with you all.

“As you all know, I am very private and don’t want to share to much about my personal life, but due to some speculations and since I am so happy I have decided to tell my secret:


“Last autumn in the middle of my demo recordings of my solo album, I started to feel very, very tired and also nauseated. I took a pregnancy test and guess if me and my boyfriend [Johan, which some fan sites have speculated is actually bassist Johan Husgafvel of the Swedish metal band PAIN, although Anette has never publicly confirmed this — Ed.] was really surprised to see that I had gotten pregnant. Since I had decided to not have any more children than my son [eight-year-old Seth], it was totally not planned, but after the very first shock, it felt really, really good.”

This will be the Nightwish singer’s second child. She has a 9 year old son and says that it would be a nice time for her son to be a big brother.

Nightwish is a metal band from Finland and was formed way back in 1996 and Anette joined Nightwish in 2007.'
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