Lynrd: Swedish singer Anette Olzon has launched a MySpace page, in which she has posted two tracks recorded back in the year 2009. The tracks that were recorded were supposed to be the Nightwish singer’s debut solo album.


Olzon has said that the songs were not particularly produced or mixed and were just recorded in the moment. The singer added  that the songs are a bit rough as they are recorded on the spur of the moment.

She said, “The songs are not mixed or produced, just recorded in the moment, and therefore are very rough songs. But I still want you to hear them since I am proud of them and I think they show another part of me than you hear in Nightwish.”

Anette said that she still wants her fans to listen to the songs as she is proud of them as they show another part of her. Her first song is called ‘Floating’ and she calls it the circus song.

The singer has described it as a very happy song as it gives her a very happy feeling with some joyful vibes. The next song is called ‘Invincible’ and is written specially for the singer’s son, which makes it even more special to the singer. In the month of April, Olzon announced that she would be pushing back the release dates of her debut album after the completion of the touring of Nightwish. Anette explained that the solo was meant to be a fun thing as she was supposed to start writing her own songs.'
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