British Musician Noel Gallagher recently released his first solo album ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’. The songs in the new album include some of the rock solid collections like ‘I Wanna Live in an Dream In My’ and ‘Everybody’s on the Run’.

With the release of the album it has boasted its qualities and is receiving a tremendous response. The good factor about the album is that it represents the best tunes of the singer in 15 years.

Gallagher said that he has not yet read any of the reviews and that people thought that he has been writing crap songs for the past 15 years. The singer explained that when he is in the studio he takes it song by song when you know that you get to the end of it.

Noel then continued to say that he would not like to compare it with anything as it would not be fair. Noel was with the Oasis some of his songs were compared to that of the band. Gallaher added that he was with the band and used to write songs for someone else to sing. Finally the singer said that all he thinks that it is a good record and that the songs cannot be compared.'
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