Lynrd: English musician and former lead guitarist Noel Gallagher has recently made it loud and clear that he will not be allowing  fans to have a taste of his new solo album for free. The ‘Oasis’ singer said that there will be no free downloading of his music.


While talking about the reason, the singer said that his music is too valuable to give away. Many of the artists have earlier attempted to overcome the problem of plummeting sales, which is caused by the online sharing.

The artists offer free or discounted songs to the fans through their official websites. But Noel has some different plans and is not going to follow the same suite which is followed by other artists.

Noel has said that he has worked really hard to produce the upcoming album High Flying Birds and will not be allowing the fans to download it for free. Noel said that he values his music and has worked really hard for it. The former guitarist added that this will increase the listener value. Noel added that he is aware of many of the bands who do it and many of them are his favorite too. The singer was adamant that it would be something that he would never consider doing.'
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