Paramore Cross One Billion Streams On Spotify

This is not something that alternative rock connoisseurs get to hear every day. But this is some awesome news for the genre that keeps it fun and real. Paramore has just reached an impressive milestone – over ONE BILLION listening streams on Spotify!

The Hayley Williams-led band has been killin’ it since the debut of their self-titled album. Their concerts have sold out across the United States time and again. Through the evolution of the band, with members quitting and new faces showing, fans have stayed loyal. Even when Hayley collaborated with mainstream artists like Zedd and B.O.B. listening were still relishing the sound.

So if you’re wondering how exactly Paramore made such an achievement, it’s all in the numbers.

Their debut album, Paramore has a total of 363 million streams, while their sophomore album, Brand New Eyes got 303 million streams. Riot! sought 280 million listens and All We Know Is Falling tallied 60 million. That totals ONE BILLION! Woo-hoo!

And in related exciting news, former member Zac Farro has found his way back to the band, and front woman Hayley Williams couldn’t be more excited. Paramore is currently working on their fifth studio album, and the edgy gave a rare interview on what exactly has been going on in the studio –

“I’ve never really struggled with anxiety until these past two years. I felt like, ‘What if our fourth album is our last album?’ There was even a moment where I thought it should be our last album…”

“I don’t want to disappoint myself, more than I don’t want to disappoint however many people might buy it. I never made a fifth record before, until me and my friends wrote it and recorded it.”

“We’re on our fifth album, we’ve been a band since I was 13, I’m 28 now and I’m still alive.”

We can’t wait to hear more from Paramore!

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