Lynrd: American rock band Paramore have released their new song ‘Monster’ after revealing a small audio clip of the new track, which will be used as the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


In the song, singer Hayley Williams can be heard singing, ‘I’ll stop the while world from turning in to a monster, eating us alive.’ The clip gives a good idea about the usual sound of the hard rock band.

The whole song was available to fans on 3rd June at The previous audio clip was posted at the official website of the band’s record label, Fueled By Ramen.

As a single, the track was made available from 7th June 2011, while the actual sound track will be released this week. Paramore is now lined up in a few concerts in summer and certain dates include in Asia and Europe. Paramore will also be performing at the Warped Tour.

Earlier in an interview, Williams had said that they would be releasing a full album despite losing two of their band members. The singer also added that they are likely to change their style for the new line up. But later it was clarified that the band would retain their signature style. The two band members that had separated from the band had formed their own new bands.'
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