US pop-rock band Paramore are set to release their fourth studio album in 2013, in what will be great news for their fans. April 9, 2013 is the date that has been set for the album release and the band have put out a teaser on their blog, which suggests that new material will be available on iTunes as early as January  22, 2013 in the form of a single titled ‘Now’.

The teaser gives listeners an insight into what the album could sound like. It is still uniquely Paramore, although a little different than their previous efforts. There has been a lot the band has gone through over the past few years, their last album was recorded in 2009 and was titled ‘Brand New Eyes’. Since then there have been lineup changes and this album will probably take on a new musical direction as a result.

Powerhouse front-woman Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis are the remaining members of the band. According to reports, the band said that their new album is about coming back from a loss and making an impact. The new album will also be a new journey for the band and they would like to use it to spread the message that if only you keep moving forward you can make something out of nothing.'
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