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The band “Passenger” started off in 2003 by a British singer- songwriter Mike Rosenberg. Over the time his albums have gained much attention and he’s like a sensation himself now. He released his solo debut album, ‘Wide Eyes Blind Love’ in 2009, and then ‘Flight of the Crow’ and ‘Divers and Submarines’ in 2010.

His 2012 release ‘All The Little Lights’ was in the top 3 UK Albums Chart and 26th in the Billboard Hot 200. Again in 2014 his album ‘Whispers’ was ranked 5th in the UK chart and 12th in the USA. ‘Whispers” still remains one of his best songs.

Latest Album Release-

His Seventh studio album “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” is all set to release on digital platforms on September 23rd via Black Crow Records. The story revolves around the relationships of individuals and universe with the passage of time. Few lines like “When We Were Young’, ‘Everything’ and ‘Somebody’s Love’ depict the story very beautifully. The video is shot in parts of New Zealand and Iceland and also portrays the magnificent landscapes, Norwegian lakes, Scottish highlands and the Italian coastline.

Passenger “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea”

Official Album Cover and Track-list is here:
If You Go
When We Were Young
Somebody’s Love
Young as the Morning Old as the Sea
Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)
The Long Road
Fool’s Gold

Deluxe Edition:
Young as the Morning Old as the Sea (Acoustic)
Fool’s Gold (Acoustic)
Beautiful Birds (Acoustic)
Everything (Acoustic)
The Long Road (Acoustic)
When We Were Young (Acoustic)

You can order your music copy of the latest album on Amazon – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea (Deluxe Edition)

“Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” is available on iTunes (BUY)

The “Passenger” Tour:

Passenger plans a tour in UK and Ireland in support of ‘Young As The Morning Old As The Sea’ and will play along in Europe and North America. He then plans to play at his first live concert along with a full band in 2017,Australia and New Zealand. Headlined his own shows and tours across the UK, Mike Rosenberg has been supported by the likes of these music heart-throbs Turin Brakes, Jools Holland and Ed Sheeran. Book your tickets to the “Passenger Concert” before they get sold out!

Here’s another video by Passenger’s which you just cannot miss!

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