There are very few things that can match the excitement of being a part of Super Bowl and Pepsico is bringing a once in a lifetime opportunity to the fans of Beyonce Knowles. Fans could be the one of a hundred who will get to share the centre-stage  with the singer during the Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 3.

Pepsi has announced that they will be giving an opportunity to one hundred fans of the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer to join her in an exciting on-field concert. The lucky hundred will be chosen through a contest which started on Saturday, December 29, 2012 and will continue until January 19, 2o13.  The contest will be run to select the most deserving fans, so that they can share space with Beyonce at the grand event.

Pepsi is taking these steps to involve fans further in the Halftime Show as a part of their ‘Live for Now’ concept, which places fans at the centre of the experience. The association between Beyonce and Pepsi does not stop just at the Super Bowl. Pepsi is rumoured to be spending a hefty sum of $50 million on marketing projects with the singer to add the authenticity that consumers seek from the brand and Beyonce.

Pepsico will be funding the creative projects of Beyonce and is also said to come out with a Pepsi can featuring the face of the ‘Single Ladies’ diva on it.'
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