English electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys just released their latest album, titled ‘Electronic’, on July 15, 2013 and the new record continues the band’s constant evolution of style, but also gets in touch with the current dance music trends. Vocalist Neil Tennant and keyboardist Chris Lowe released their 12th studio album via x2 Recordings.

Pet Shop Boys talk about new album Electric

The duo says they started working on ‘Electric’ even before the 2012’s release ‘Elysium’ was finished. While ‘Elysium’ was a more low-key record, they knew right away that the next one has to be ‘aimed at the dance floor’. Brit Award winners acknowledge the fact that ‘Electric’ sounds different from all of their other albums, but all their previous releases also have a strong character of their own.

Pet Shop Boys worked with famous producer Stuart Price – best-known for Kylie Minogue’s ‘Aphrodite’ and Madonna’s ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’, who helped them shape up the record’s personality. Price said, “It was a quick, instinctive record to make. But I think that’s because a record normally sounds like the time you have making it and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

‘Electric’ is also the first album that the band did not release on Polyphone Records. After 28 years, the duo started their own label – x2 Recordings – and moved to distributor Kobalt. Pet Shop Boys are currently on tour, set to play many dates across Europe, Asia and North America by the end of 2013.

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