Pharrell Williams’ Happy achieves rare triple platinum sales record

With 1.8 million sales Pharrell Williams Happy becomes triple platinum.

Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams’ hit single ‘Happy’ has reached dizzying heights of success, the song has now officially become the fourth track in the last 20 years to have become a platinum hit.

To get a platinum stamp, any single has to sell 600,000 copies, according to music body BPI’s statistics, Happy has sold over 1.8 million copies! The single which had featured on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, reached the number one spot in December 2013.

The news of Happy’s record breaking sales coincides with the new decision that a 100 plays on any legitimate music service is now equivalent to one sale, thereby incorporating the sales figures into the Official Singles Chart.

The single which had the entire world grooving to its tune – it was even performed at the Oscars this year – has had more than 25 million streams, which amounts to 250,000 sales. Thus, in addition to the physical copies, this number takes it past the 1.8 million benchmark.

“Pharrell is one of the most innovative producers, writers and performers to emerge from the world of music in the last 20 years,” said Pharrell’s music label RCA’s Managing Director, Colin Barlow.

The official video of the single has literally gone viral all across the globe. Hundreds of different versions of song can be found online, with different groups of people in different countries dancing to the iconic sound.

Pharrell will join the ranks of Sir Elton John and Will Young whose respective singles – Candle In The Wind/Something About The Way You Look and Anything Is Possible/Evergreen – have earlier achieved a triple platinum sales record.

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