Pink Floyd Release Throwback LP

Just in time for Christmas (the official season for gift-giving), our favorite psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd have released a special LP that would essentially take us back to their glory days that have turned 50 years old!

With an announcement on their website, the rockers let fans know that Pink Floyd 1965 – Their First Recordings would be on sale for collectors and fans alike. The LP includes their most vintage works with original band members with “Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright, augmented by Rado Klose on guitar, and, on Walk With Me Sydney, Juliette Gale on backing vocals“, as the website says.

The album includes a gatefold sleeve and two 7″ singles. The tracks include – Lucy Leave, Double O Bo, Remember Me, Butterfly Walk With Me Sydney and I’m A King Bee, among others. These are remastered tracks using the latest technology to polish up rusty rhythms and breathe new life to these old treasures.

Check out the announcement on Pink Floyd’s site by clicking HERE.

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