Lynrd: The three day music festival, Pitchfork, which is currently the most popular weekend hangout in Chicago, has drawn a smaller crowd than usual this year. It was expected that at least 50,000 people would attend the music festival, but the numbers were not that high.


Organizers say that the crowd was smaller compared to the last year’s fest. Friday night did not seem like it was sold out and the tickets were remaining for the Saturday show, while the Sunday show was sold out.

However, those who were a part of the show on Friday were happy to attend the event and were enjoying the show as the weather too was favorable and wasn’t hot as it was expected to be extreme hot. Adam Zielinski, one of the attendees of the show had said that the weather was great but the rest of the weekend cannot be predicted.

For Adam, it was the sixth time for the seventh time of the Music festival. He also added that the unique thing about the festival was that you get to hear different types of music from different artists, which makes the show great. Some of the attendees had also planned to spend the entire weekend at the festival. The three day passes of the event had sold out.'
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