Lynrd: American singer and music composer Prince, will soon be performing in Los Angeles. The news is that the singer will be performing in 21 concerts on different days. Which means that the population of LA, would be fortunate enough to catch the glimpse of the singer 21 times.


However, one may think that 21 concerts may prove an expensive affair for the fans of the singer, but the fact is that the tickets to the concert will be available at an affordable cost of $25. And the best part is that more than 85 percent of the tickets will be sold at an affordable cost.

The 21 dates of Prince was announced through a call in to ‘Lopez Tonight’, which is hosted by the comedian George Lopez. Other supporting acts of the concerts are yet to be revealed and will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, the confirmed dates of the concerts are 14th April, 21 April and 22nd April. The rest of the dates of the concerts along with their venues will be announced as the concerts approach. Prince has till now bagged seven Grammy awards, one Academy award and also one Golden Globe award. In the year 2004, the singer was ranked no. 28 on the list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All time.'
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