Gangnam Style rockstar Psy, has traveled across the world with his hit over the past year, however nothing feels as good as coming home. This is what he did on February 25, 2013, as he performed at the inauguration of Park Geun-hye, the first female president in South Korea’s history.


Media reports said that the South Korean singer did not allow Park or any other presidential candidates use his track ‘Gangnam Style’ for their campaigns. However, he was more than happy to headline Monday’s celebration and play the major hit. Psy is otherwise known for his outrageous outfits and hip rolling dance moves, but for the ceremony, the singer toned it down.

Before getting into the performance the singer said, “Last year, ‘Gangnam Style’ allowed me to experience something of a miracle. As a Korean citizen, I sincerely wish that, with the beginning of a new administration, everyone can have their own miracle and luck”. Psy also said that though it was a formal event and requested everyone to stand up for the horse dance.

Not surprisingly, he reportedly got nearly 90,000 attendees on their feet for the unique dance. Apart from ‘Gangnam Style’, the rapper also performed ‘Champion’, which had originally made him a national star during the 2002 World Cup.'
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