The wait is finally over for the fans of South Korean pop star Psy, as he has released a follow-up single to his super hit song ‘Gangnam Style’. The new single is called ‘Gentleman’ and YG Entertainment said that it has been released in 119 countries on April 12, 2013.


The singer has composed the new electronic dance music (EDM) song and has also written its lyrics. The tune revolves around a self-proclaimed ‘gentleman’ as he has fun at a dance club.

On one hand, South Korea is tense as its residents are worried about a possible missile test by their neighbors North Korea. However, people in the Asian country were given some respite from this when the Korean pop-star released his new song.

As expected, the beat of the new song is infectious and is also EDM inspired. Early reviews point out that this song is less irritating than ‘Gangnam Style’, but fans of the singer will not worry too much about negative reviews, as they have been quite loyal to the star this far. Psy’s manager said that the video of the new single will be unveiled at his comeback concert in Seoul on Sunday. People around the world will now be searching for the new single online, which could lead to another top video rating on various video sharing sites like YouTube.'
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