American Hip Hop artist Pusha T announced on April 30, 2013 that he is all set to treat his fans with his new album, which is all set to be released on July 16, 2013. This will be the first ever solo album from the singer and with the new release, Pusha T wishes to make a powerful statement.


The rapper had even performed with the Fabolous in New York City for the second big Apple Stop in their ‘Life is so Exciting Tour’. One of the motivations for ‘My Name Is My Name’ was to make MTV News as one of the hottest MCs around. In the month of February, the singer had narrowly missed the tenth spot and said that the list was good, but a little off.

Pusha was working on the album for a while and had released his first album with his brother Malice in the year 2002. Last year, the ‘Pain’ singer unveiled details about ‘My name Is My Name’, but the project underwent some changes later. Pusha had then said, “I don’t think there’s any point on this album where I thought twice about anything I was about to say, regardless of who it might’ve touched or affected or annoyed”.'
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