Ramsay Bolton Sings The Blues IRL!

When the villainous psychopath from HBO’s Game of Thrones, Ramsay Bolton was eaten up by his hungry hounds, thanks to Sansa Stark, who he wifed and raped, the world rejoiced. Not only was Winterfell back with the Starks, but the Boltons were wiped out from the future of Westeros. We thought that would be the end of Ramsay, but it seems YouTube has to tell us a different story.

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Not many know the actor who portrayed the Bolton Bastard so bloody well (pun intended). Iwan Rheon is a 31-year-old actor who’s first language is Welsh. GoT hasn’t been his first stint in the acting world – he has played significant roles in Misfits and Vicious as well. Not much is known about him, except that he is best friends with his on-screen fellow Bastard, Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, King in the North.

But, there is some exciting news as well about Iwan – he is actually a pretty talented singer who has a total of 3 EPs and 1 album to his name. Most of the lyrics and music are written by him and sung in one of the best Welsh voices ever heard. In fact, you can check out his Official YouTube channel that opens to the sweet sound of guitar, minimum instrumentals and a clear voice far away from the Dreadfort. Though it is a little difficult to get his accent and exactly what he is singing about, you can be rest assured it’s not a ballad about how to flay a man or shoot a kid in the heart with an arrow.

When it comes to GoT, now that we are minus one villain in the form of Ramsay Bolton (as he is now busy singing the Blues), we can look forward to a woman-centric Season 7 with Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cercei Lannister and Mother of Dragons, Danaerys Targaryen battling it out for King’s Landing and the land of Westeros.

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