Lynrd: Rebecca Black has recently rolled out the video for her second single ‘My Moment’. This time the singer has come up with a much better video than her earlier video of ‘Friday’, which was released earlier this year.


The video is more professional looking and has the singer in a fresh look in which she has featured in several frilly dresses. The song can be enjoyed by all as it is dancy, and frothy to make it even more appealing. Well she still needs to learn to pose before the camera though.

Black in the song is repeatedly seen singing ‘This Is My Moment’ to her credit. The video also gives a glimpse of Black when she had shot to fame. She is seen recording in the studio, while she reads a feature in the USA Today when ‘Friday’ had become an instant hit among the fans.

The singer is then seen walking down the red carpet while she poses for photographs. She later can be seen venturing a few dance steps for which she is appreciated for the efforts that she has put in. What is worth catching is that the singer for a change is looking more like a pop star in the video compared to her earlier video.'
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