The world of music is constantly undergoing change. The way sounds are recorded changes constantly and even the instruments producing those sounds evolve. However, in what can only be termed as an interesting development, tennis player Victoria Azarenka’s on-court grunts will be turned into a song by American rapper Redfoo.


Redfoo has been linked to the tennis player as an alleged love interest, but currently he is only interested in Azarenka’s grunts. Victoria is known for her love of music and the reigning Australian Open champion listens to tunes before she steps foot on the court. She has even gone to the extent of saying that if the music is bad, then her game suffers.

It will then come as no surprise that Redfoo has made an impression on the tennis star, he is often seen sitting in the player’s box and cheering her on. According to some sources, Victoria even has the inside scoop on music that has not been released to the public as yet, such as a song she terms ‘Sweet Baby’, which is a remix by GoonRock, the LMFAO frontman’s friend.

Azarenka said that she was an emotional tennis player and needs to be aggressive at times, this is the reason for her on-court grunting. However, she did allude to the fact that at times a calmer approach does the job as well.'
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