Remembering Kurt Cobain On 22nd Death Anniversary

Gone, but not forgotten. Over two decades since the Nirvana frontman fatally shot himself, we can say he is a musical legend that few would forget.

The late star had a tumultuous life, even as a child. After his parents separated, he found little solace being tossed around from home to home, in desperate search of security and a home. The result was early rebellion against his father, who had won full custody over him after his mother remarried and lived a life under domestic violence. After his rebellious streak could not be handled any longer, young Cobain was displaced and made to stay with other relatives and friends. It was said that during this time he thought he found God, and attended church on a regular basis. However, he saw how society tended to mistreat outcasts, and this resulted in him claiming he was gay just to be left alone and appear to be different from the rest.

Kurt was a talented teenager, picking up the guitar and soon writing his own songs. He met Krist Novoselic and they soon founded the band Nirvana, that was to become synonymous with the 90s grunge scene. Cobain didn’t realize what a big deal his music would become and struggled with the fame and attention that he would ultimately receive. His depression, along with physical ailments that wouldn’t go away even with the best medical treatments, resulted in severe drug abuse with marijuana and other substances, though heroine would prove to be his ultimate undoing.

He married fellow grunge artist and Hole front woman, Courtney Love in what would be a very public and volatile relationship. He had one daughter with her, Frances Bean Cobain. His struggles with smack and public interference in his personal life finally led to him injecting himself and shooting himself in the head, ending his life and joining The 27 Club.

Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love

His death, like his life would prove to attract extensive media coverage, even to this day. Speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding his death, including accusations against his widow of murder and other media hype still live on. The latest in his legacy saga is the documentary made by his daughter, Montage Of Heck, that released never-before-seen coverage of his personal life, including unreleased photos, audio recordings and diary entries.

Kurt Cobain still remains an icon more for his image and what he stood for, along with the music that continues to live in our hearts.

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