Remembering Paul Gray On His 7th Death Anniversary

When the members of American heavy metal band Slipknot sat at a press conference the day after the death of their bassist, Paul Gray, there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room. A man who dedicated his life to his music and loved ones. Those who remember Paul Gray have only good things to say about him. Frontman of Slipknot and Gray’s close friend, Corey Taylor, said that the late bassist was an embodiment of love. And it was because of Paul Gray that Slipknot began on the road that it is still on today.

As a young child, Paul Gray moved through a lot of homes in a number of cities. He was the kind of guy who came from a home that could barely make ends meet. His elder brother introduced him to the guitar. Initially, he wasn’t into bass at all, but soon developed his love for the more heavier side of music. During his lifetime, he worked as part of a number of bands, the most well-known being Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Anal Blast and Body Pit.

Within the Des Moines area of Iowa, something major was about to breakthrough. Paul Gray became one of the founding members of what would later become the biggest heavy metal act of the United States out of our generation. Shawn Crahan (Clown, #6) and Gray (Pig, #2) became the founding members of Slipknot. Soon, other members would join in and heavy metal would never be the same.

Those who knew Paul Gray personally say that he was the kind of dude who would just be giving. His personal struggles with substance abuse landed him a couple of arrests and run-ins with the law. No one knew how serious his addictions got, until he was discovered dead in his hotel room due to an overdose. His memory and contribution to heavy metal music will remain in the hearts of his band members, his loved ones and all Maggots.

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