Lynrd: American rapper Rick Ross and rapper Lil Wayne have released their latest album ‘9 Piece’, in which Ross has brought Wayne to play pool as well as to be the eyeball the pole dancers in a strip club. The video shows both the rappers getting involved in recreational activities.


The video is all about dealing with the kids of the new age. Thankfully Ross is seen covering himself with a classy suit in the video. Recently, the rapper was seen shirtless in some of the recent magazines like ‘Vibe’.

Ross is loved by all, but his shirtless act can be taken only once. The video is thus a multi piece which showcases the life that they live, while they finalize deals, hang out at the strip bar and shoot billiards.

There is nothing fancy in the video, just the wild way Ross raps. Ross had released his debut album, Port of Miami in the year 2006, which had debuted at the top spot in Billboard 200 album chart. The album had also sold 187,000 units at the first week. It was also predicted by Christian Hoard of the Rolling Stone Magazine that the album would be summer’s biggest rap record. Let’s hope it is!

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