Seems like American rapper Rick Ross is in a bit of trouble. The Nigerian government has sued the rapper as he abruptly cancelled the show in Nigeria at the last minute.

The government of Nigeria has hired lawyers in the United States so that they can retrieve monies lost due to the cancellation of the show. The rapper was the main performer fort he West Africa’s annual Calabar Christmas Festival which took place on December 28.

On December 26, a representative of the ‘Lord Knows’ rapper said that he could not perform as some of the contractual obligations were unfulfilled. The representative added that the singer was excited to be a part of the event as it was the biggest festival in Nigeria and was quite disappointed that he could not perform.

On the other hand the Nigerian government is not ready to accept what Ross and his representative explained for the cancellation of the show especially when he purportedly received a cheque for his appearance. Nigeria is the native of the rapper and it was odd to know that the show of his own native was cancelled. At present Ross and his attorneys are yet to respond to the pending legal action.'
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