Popular Barbadian singer Rihanna has been lately criticized by some anti-smoking campaigners for lighting up a cigarette in her latest video. Recently, a teaser of the song ‘We Found Love’ featuring Calvin Harris was released which has shown the pop star smoking.

The song was filmed in Ireland and a few promo shots for the promotion of her new album ‘Talk That Talk’ have been released. The video has shown the singer smoking a cigarette while she sits on the side walk.

The others in the video see the pop star reclining on the stair case with a cigarette on her lips. The ‘Unfaithful’ singer has been targeted by the officials of the Ulster Cancer Foundation in Ireland and has argued that such videos promote the bad habit among the youngsters.

One of the spokesperson of the foundation, Doreen Reegan, said that three quarters of the adult smokers start the habit of smoking as teenagers and that it is irresponsible of Rihanna to influence her young fans in such a provoking way. Reegan added that after so much hype around the filming of the video it was very disappointing to see Rihanna blatantly smoking throughout it. The spokesperson also added that artists like Rihanna are regarded as role models by millions of young people.

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