Barbadian singer Rihanna has been recently accused of plagiarism or her videos ‘You Da One’ and ‘S&M’. The singer has been accused that the video has plagiarized images.

In the recent times Rihanna has been enjoying the success of her single ‘Talk That Talk’, of which millions of copies have been sold. More than half a million copies have been sold with a pair of hit singles in the first month of its release.

But Rihanna has always been surrounded by controversies and was already dealing with reports of uneven performances and also rumours of health problems. Some of the websites have claimed that there are striking similarities between Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video and the work of the photographer Sandy Kim.

But when the actual images were compared then it was noticed that there weren’t many similarities between the two videos. May be the singer is working with the wrong directors. Rihanna, who has named Madonna as her idol says that she wants to be the black Madonna. The singer earlier said that Madonna is a great inspiration for her especially on her earlier work.'
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