Lynrd: After cancelling show in Malmo on October 31, 2011, Barbadian singer Rihanna has cancelled another show on November 2, 2011. The ‘Umberlla’ singer was forced to cancel the shows due her ill health.

Rihanna had flu like symptoms and the representative of the singer had confirmed the cancellation to the reporters. The representative stated that the singer felt ill before the concert on Wednesday.

After consulting a doctor, the singer decided to cancel the show in Stockholm. The show was cancelled an hour before the singer was supposed to takeover the stage.

Kristofer Akesson of Live Nation said that she is exhausted and is not feeling well, but no details were given about the ailment of the singer. On Tuesday night the singer was able to perform for the first two shows in Stockholm. On 31st October, the singer had Tweeted a picture of her hand with an IV in her arm. Along with the picture, Rihanna posted an apologetic note saying sorry Malmo. The singer also released a statement in which she had apologized to everyone who had planned to come on her show in Malmo. Rihanna added that she was too excited to perform for all but is disappointed due to her condition.'
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