Rihanna Releases Out-Of-This-World Star Trek Track

BadGal RiRi was busy at work, work, work, work, work, work since her goosebumps-inducing performance at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. The singer just released an OST for the latest installment of sci-fi franchise, Star Trek, with peaks through her official Instagram account.

#SLEDGEHAMMER will be the first ever music video to premiere in #IMAX theatres tomorrow at 9AM EST! It will be up on @TIDAL and @VEVO at 10AM EST. Can’t wait for you to see this Navy! ??⚓ @startrekmovie

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The video to the track Sledgehammer shows a lonesome Rihanna on a planet, galaxy sparkling in the background. Maybe it’s her powerful vocal chords or the superpowers within her hands, but she manages to lift off sand and throw rocks around, creating an aura suitable for the likes of the Queen of Pop herself.

Rihanna's Sledgehammer

Rihanna’s Sledgehammer

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Her face transforms to one being in twisted pain to a goddess creating her own planet, as she croons:

“I hit a wall, I thought that I would hurt myself.

Oh I was sure, your words would leave me unconscious.

And on the floor, I’ll be laying cold, lifeless.

But I hit a wall, I hit a wall…”

The theme is a green-blue-pink-purple galaxy with Rihanna garbed in an orange flowing gown and dark makeup that hints at alien origins. For the moment we see her alone in the video, with no hints of how the movie itself will look. Watch the Official Video for Rihanna’s Sledgehammer HERE.

Star Trek Beyond is part of a world famous epic franchise with Chris Pine reprising the role as Captain James Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura as well as Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov, a posthumous appearance after he died just a month before the release of the latest Star Trek movie. J J Abrams has produced the film this time around, since he’s probably busy directing the next Star Wars movie! The movie is being directed by Justin Lin at a budget of $150 million.

Rihanna released her digital-only album ANTI on Tidal to relatively good reviews with singles like Work, Kiss It Better, Love On The Brain among others already becoming cult classics.

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