Rock am Ring Festival Evacuated After Terror Threat

Germany’s most famous annual festival, Rock am Ring was evacuated yesterday after “concrete leads” of a terrorist attack. Thousands of festival goers were asked to leave the open air premises near Nuerurgring race track just before Rammstein were set to headline. Police from Koblenz said in a statement, “Due to a terror situation, we told the organizer to temporarily stop the concert as a precaution.”

“The organizer of Rock am Ring, working closely with the security authorities, have ended ahead of schedule the festival today. The background to this was a concrete warning that made it impossible to rule out a terror threat.”

“We cannot provide any further details on the background information.”

After being asked to leave the festival in an orderly manner, the guests sang You’ll Never Walk Alone as they walked out of Rock am Ring. It is estimated that more than 80,000 had travelled to the location to attend the weekend long festival. Last year, the festival faced a tragedy from nature, after lightening struck and seriously injured 80 people.

Since the May 22 attack in Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert, security around music festivals and other large gatherings have been beefed up. At Rock am Ring itself, there were over 1,200 security personnel hired to minimize the risk of a possible terror attack. “We take all tips and suspicious incidents extremely seriously and investigate closely.”

A statement was released by the organizers of Rock am Ring after they were informed by police officials about the possible terrorist attack. On Facebook, the statement went: “Due to a terrorist threat the police have advised us to interrupt the festival. We ask all festival visitors to leave the festival site in a calm and controlled manner towards the exists and camping grounds.

We have to support the police investigations.

All visitors will be kept informed about any developments on all Rock am Ring Social Media channels, radio and the speakers.

We hope that the festival will continue tomorrow. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Apparently, organizers and the police pulled an all-nighter to make sure that everything was in order and that there would be no further risks for the remainder of the festival. Finally, after investigations were completed, the second day of Rock am Ring was resumed, and organizers thanked fans for their discipline and support during the investigation. It still hasn’t been confirmed if Rammstein will perform on any of the days.

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