Rock band Kiss, who were about to perform at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert have been removed from the line up. The organizers of the concert were heavily criticized after they had hired Kiss for the concert, who had accused the star as a child abuser.


After the questions were being raised, the rock band has been removed from the concert that will be held in Cardiff. Last year bassist Gene Simmons had commented that Jackson was a child abuser.

In the year 2005 the star was cleared of the child abuse accusations. The show that will be taking place in the month of October will have Christine Aguilera and Leona Lewis among the performers.

Jackson’s mother, Katherine and many of the late singer’s siblings will be endorsing the Michael Forever concert. However, the concert is also opposed by some of the brothers like Randy and Jermaine. Simmons from Kiss had earlier said that he does not have any doubt in his mind that he has molested the kids. Meanwhile, Jermaine took the Twitter account while saying that he is sad with the thought that his mother is being used to promote the event. Jermaine had also opined that the concert must take place after the trial of the Michael’s doctor Conrad Murray.'
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