Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2017 Officially Announced

The Hall Of Fame has officially announced their inductees – the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Class of 2017. We had announced earlier about nominees, and it looks like some big names from the music industry have made the cut – including those who are surprised that they were even considered, since they didn’t necessarily fit into the rock n roll genre.

Performer Category

Joan Baez

Electric Light Orchestra


Pearl Jam

Tupac Shakur


Award for Musical Excellence

Nile Rodgers

Inductee Joan Baez was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, about the nomination: “I never considered myself to be a rock and roll artist. But as part of the folk music boom which contributed to and influenced the rock revolution of the Sixties, I am proud that some of the songs I sang made their way into the rock lexicon. I very much appreciate this honor and acknowledgement by the Hall of Fame.”

Nile Rodgers, who is being given the Award for Musical Excellence is bittersweet about his nomination: “I’m quite flattered that they believed that I was worthy, but my band Chic didn’t win. They plucked me out of the band and said, ‘You’re better than Chic’. That’s wacky to me…I am flattered and I think it’s cool, but I feel like somebody put me in the lifeboat and told my family they can’t get in.”

Another great band that has been inducted is Journey, and they haven’t performed with original frontman Steve Perry in public since a Bill Graham tribute show in 1991. Guitarist Neal Schon hopes that Perry makes it to the induction so they can perform again: “I would be surprised if it didn’t happen. But I’ll deal with it whichever way. I’m going to try to reach out (to Perry), as I’ve done many times. And Arnel (Pineda, current singer) is so gracious. He says, ‘Any time he wants to come on and do anything, I’ll very gladly step aside and let him sing’.”

Artists are eligible for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame 25 years after the release of their album. The ceremony will be conducted at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center on April 7, 2017. Tickets start going on sale from January 2017. The edited version will be aired on HBO and SiriusXM. The ceremony usually ends with an all-star jam.

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