Music bands Godsmack, Alterbridge, Creed and the guitarist of rage Against the Machine – Tom Morello – are part of a group of musicians who have partnered with a multi-media company called DC3 Music Group for the main purpose of raising money for Haiti relief Work. They helped to fill an MD-80 airplane with useful resources and medical personnel to send to the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti.

According to reports, the plane with supplies is expected to leave from California on January 27 and will carry 10,000 pounds of medical supplies, in addition to doctors and medical staff, to Haiti.

haiti relief

Other musicians like New Kids on the Block, Julianne Hough, Eve, David Archuleta helped in raising over a million dollars for the earthquake relief fund.

Sully Erna of Godsmack told reporter: “Since I can’t be there to help in person, I want to make my contribution as a fellow human being to give what I can while I’m in the fortunate situation that I am to help those that are so unfortunate in this time of tragedy.”

Scott Stapp of Creed is in Haiti at the moment and will begin relief work once the plan arrives.'
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