English singer and song writer, Roger Daltrey, recently revealed that he isn’t sure if he would be able to tour with the band mate of The Who, Pete Townshed in future. While reasoning, the singer said that it was because of the hearing difficulties of the guitarist.


The 67 year old is currently performing on his Tommy Reborn show and features the songs from the band’s rock opera. Daltrey explained that Pete was almost stone deaf and that he had also tried to defend himself by standing just next to the speakers as he could not hear anything.

The singer said that he is not sure if he would be able to perform with Pete in future. Pete is reportedly suffering from tinnitus, which is a condition of painful ringing in the ears. It is also a symptom of noise induced hearing loss.

The 66 year old singer has been suffering from the condition for years and has also consulted many specialists to help him with the problem so that he could prolong his music career. However, Roger made it clear that he has utmost respect for his friend and band mate Pete and also considers him as one of the most creative musicians of his generation.

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