American singer and song writer, Sabi has been busy working on her debut album. Till now, the singer and actress had featured on many of the tracks with the artists like Britney Spears and New Boyz, but she is set to launch her own music career in 2012.


Now the singer is working hard on her new studio album and is working with everyone including Cataracs and Benny and Diplo. Sabi says that it has been nerve racking and feels good to be working on her first studio album.

The singer spoke while she was backstage at the Femme Fatale tour with Britney Spears. Sabi said that she is too excited and that she cannot wait to finish the processing and share it with everyone.

Sabi revealed that the work on her debut album is still going on. The singer gave a tease to her fans with the track ‘Wild Heart’. The track is produced by The Dream Machine and has got more of a club feel to it. Sabi said that till now the response to the songs has been good and she hopes that people like her music.

The new star is planning to release her debut album in the early 2012. No official release dates have been revealed by the singer till now.'
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