Sceptre is back and with two new members, Samron (Systemhouse33) and Shezan (Ex- Zohak), the band has become heavier than ever and they are here to stay!

SceptreSceptre: L-R: Aniket, Shezan, Samron,Frank, Gilroy (Pic: Akhila Shankar)

One of India’s biggest metal bands, which has shaped the face of Indian metal over the years, Sceptre is back into the scene and is living up to their “Never say Die” spirit.

Their first show with the new lineup took place on 8th August 2010 at B69 in Mumbai, along with metal acts Devoid and Zygnema at a show which was aptly termed “Thrash Bajaoo”.

Besides performing brutal versions of their previous originals such as “Nuclear”, “Enemy”, and a darker toned “Charred”, the band also introduced their latest track called “Lest We Forget” which came with one of those eccentric solos.

The gig showed one thing – Gilroy, Aniket, Frank, Samron and Shezan are all set to take Sceptre to the next level of Metal.

Bajaao and B69 is one place for great live music, with great sound and thats all the bands and fans need. owner Ashu (Khiladi, Ex Xenon, groove lab) created the place and it looks like its here to stay. B69 is close to Bajaao’s jam room called N.O.C which was the 1st Paid jam room that Mumbai got. The place becomes Ideal for Rock bands and metal gigs.

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