The Stone Temple Pilots, a popular band from the early 1990’s grunge era, are experiencing a big change these days. The band has just released a statement on February 27, 2013, saying that they have fired their lead singer Scott Weiland. This news comes as a surprise, as the singer himself denied any rumors of a break up, just a few days before the announcement was made.

Scott Weiland

Weiland was notoriously famous for his excessive substance abuse and several run-ins with the law, which affected his career at Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, as well as his personal life. Despite this fact, the band’s decision to fire him might not be addiction-related, though the real reason is still unknown. Some sources say Weiland has been very open about his hope for the band to record a new album. He did not want to go on yet another tour and play songs from their first two albums: ‘Core’ from 1992 and ‘Purple’ from 1994.

Weiland and his band members have been through a lot over the years; they have enjoyed commercial success and praise from their fans, but negative reviews from the critics. Still, they somehow managed to overcome all these obstacles its possible that this new one is only temporary.'
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