Have You Seen The “Kids React To Metallica” Video Yet?

In the day and age of “pop” music dominating all the popular music charts, it’s kind of heartbreaking to watch heavy metal fade to black. Those who were around in the 80s when bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Mötley Crüe, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth…ok, sorry, I can’t stop myself! flipped the music industry on it’s ass and brought this new badass genre of music around, one that brought ratty teenagers, loners and the rebels together to celebrate said badassary.

Somewhere along the way, maybe because many bands faced internal turmoil, or because software was developed that “created” music or some music fiend wanted to wipe out this rebellious culture, metal took a back seat. Kurt Cobain-led Nirvana made people a little less metal and more slow punk and then the disaster that was pop music was evilly birthed, spawning the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

With the onslaught of online music streaming, VEVO, social media and PR firms plumping up images of musical celebrities, it’s no wonder that today’s generation is so bereft of musical genius and choose to follow what is “popular” and “in” now. Fine Brothers Entertainment, a popular YouTube channel that has over 14 million subscribers, recently interviewed children below the age of 15 and made them listen to Metallica’s Hardwired, a single off their soon-to-be released  10th studio album, Hardwired……To Self-Destruct. Take a look at the video, go punch something, and then we can talk about this blasphemy together…

First of all, ALL of them don’t even know who the band is. One even suggested, “Nirvana”, with a big question mark on his face. Others thought it was noise, and that annoying kid Evan said this isn’t really even music. The only time he referenced Metallica was when he said he’s seen Kylie Jenner wear the band’s t-shirt (burn her at the stake, I say!) Some of them ended up handbanging in their own cute little way, with one girl’s rose wreath falling off her head in the process.

Two more classics from the band were played, including Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman, and that seemed to calm them a bit, though they still kept saying it was all “noise” and they couldn’t understand the words.


Metallica, I love you!

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As adults here, let’s question ourselves. Children call “music” these days songs and videos that are so blatantly sexual, it makes us adults want turn away and blush. And yet a little loud rhythm and everyone goes scampering. Do they even get the culture? Do they understand the brilliant lyrics with a political and social undertone in each of ‘Tallica’s songs? Again, what are we teaching our children?!

All in all, no one found this impressive. It brought home hard the fact that heavy metal as an entire genre is dying and slow, withering death. If these kids haven’t heard of Metallica, one of THE most popular bands EVER, then we can only hide in a corner and imagine what they would say if they came across legends like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Or America’s metal sweethearts, Slipknot. *Sits in the dark and listens to Pulse of the Maggots*

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